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Sharp Calculators EL-2630PIII 12-Digit Commercial Printing Calculator
Independent Memory, Sign Change, Backspace Key, Double Zero, Fixed Decimal - AC Supply Powered - 3.1" x 9" x 13.2" - Off White - 1 Each
This 12-digit calculator features an extra-large, fluorescent display that displays each digit clearly to help prevent reading errors. Two-color, 4.8 line-per-second ribbon printer is fast and reliable for excellent legibility. Professional keyboard layout with a left-side total key helps you quickly and accurately input data for fast calculations with minimal errors.

Sharp Calculators EL2615PIII Heavy-Duty Printing Calculator
Dual Color Print - Dot Matrix - 4.3 lps - Calendar, Clock - 12 Digits - Fluorescent Display- 1 Each
° 2-color printing helps prevent reading errors
° Easy-to-read fluorescent display ensures accurate use
° Large key size allows fast, accurate input
° Also features currency conversion functions, item count and more

Sharp Paperless printing calculator with a 12-digit display is a unique, powerful calculator that's great for those that need the power of a printing calculator with the functionality of a desktop calculator. Five-line, secondary LCD lets you scroll back and forth up to 300 lines to refer back to your previous calculations. Check and Correct function allows you to quickly modify and recalculate entries for fast, simple updates. Cost/sell/margin keys simplify profit margin calculations by allowing you to simply enter two variables to automatically show the third variable. Whisper-quiet operation allows convenient use in any office environment. Paperless printing calculator also includes four-key memory, tax keys, change sign key, backspace key, rounding keys, selectable decimal and more.

Casio HR-170RC Printing Calculator
Dual Power, Two-color Printing, Easy-to-read Display, Sign Change, Compact - 12 Digits - LCD - AC Supply/Battery Powered - 4 - AA - 2.6" x 6.5" x 11.6" - Black - Portable - 1 Each

Casio HR-10RC Printing Calculator
2 lps - Battery Powered, Portable Printing/Display - 12 Digits - Battery Powered - 1.7" x 4" x 8.2" - Handheld - 1 Each
° This calculator displays 12 large digits
° It's battery powered making it a portable option
° It prints copies so you can make a record of your calculations

Victor 1297 Commercial Calculator
Dual Color Print - 4 lps - Big Display - 12 Digits - LCD - AC Supply Powered - 3" x 8" x 11" - White - 1 Each
two-color backlit display with negative numbers in red. Design includes large, well-spaced contoured keys with PC Touch and left-side total key. Print 4.0 lines per second in two colors.